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Default Re: Ron Paul 10/20/2008 "New Era of Slavery"

Blessings Sadie,

I can almost feel the rumblings of people like an volcano preparing to erupt.

One bill after the other we have become prisoners, lost our identity, our individualism and most importantly our rights.

Next we will lose our possessions (even though possession tend to possess us); more precisely we will lose the fruits of our labor.

Taking people to prison for not buying insurance is like saying you are a criminal for being broke. Whereas, the most successful criminals tend to be flush with riches and privileges.


In this wonderful interview of Ron Paul by Lew Rockwell, the same sense pervades.

Ron Paul on the Lew Rockwell Show 3/31/10

Federal Reserve Transparency Act, Obamacare, 16,500 IRS agents, hidden taxes, earmarks, bankruptcy of the dollar, tea parties, Ron Paul movement mobilizing, presidential dictatorship

VIDEO (16:13):
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