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Default Re: I too will soon move on ...

Thank you mudra for what you are, and for all the commitment in PA.
Thank you for your energy, patience, and love for all of us.
It's never a good bye, as we know where to find you.
Moving from one house to another is always something a bit dramatic, specially when we have so many good memories attached to the "old" place.

But as I've said before, life is made of cycles, and we have a new one in front of us.
Yes, we can and must reflect on all the good things and bad things that we have experienced in PA. We learned so much.
Now, lets keep all those wonderful moments in our hearts, and move on! We still can get back and revived them (wouldn't that be great in real life?).

A new cycle is here. Lets make it an even better one.
Different house, same family. In PA2, or in The Mists. We share the same goal, and we'll be together no matter what.

Love and Respect to all!
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