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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

Originally Posted by Kra View Post
Boober you are doing nothing with that post but help people divide and perpetuate the illusion that they have to choose and pick sides. AV2 is not about that... and it is not an elite community. I for one like the ideea of "invite only" because not all frustrated and negative people can join and post there to bring the community to a low vibrational level and distract the attention or at least try. It is a better filter against agents and trolls and so on.
I get you bro, really I get it. But trust me your forgetting about a lot of people who wanted to get invited. Its funny most of the AV2 people gave alot of power to the annoying destructive posters, bc on the real , there the ones who responded to there posts instead of ignoring them. They took this thing to the next level. I find it funny, you forget about the people who added to those threads and were against them but they carried on the negative vibes, by not ignoring up and ignoring them. Look at the other thread entitled check your email, there are people in there will a lot of posts who didnt get an invite, and now they have to ask , THEY HAVE TO ASK! what is wrong with them. see alot of people in here cant bring alot of important info, but they like to discuss it in a POSITIVE way, there just gald to be here, but what bc they dont know someone one who knows someone who is related to someone who is a blackopps guy. Come on man, your missing my point, lol, but its cool, i get where your coming from. I hear ya, but hear me. I think you dont get where i am really coming from, lol, but its all good.
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