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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

Originally Posted by swordsmith View Post
Howdy boober, I wanted to auction my invite but I DONT THINK THEY WILL LET ME oops didnt mean to shout. Am I one of your peeps then ? Am I ? Am I?
Don't think your list will be very long somehow.
Much Respect Swordsmith, see honestly for a lot of people I know it would mean a lot if they got an invite, but they didnt. Me , I know Im good. but I will make fun of AV2 all day long to make my people, aka AV1ers! feel better. Like always i know my spot Ill be paddling in my canoe(AV1) making

fun of your yacht(AV2) . You shot them down, lol, I like your style swordsmith you cool with me. Hopefully after all this bs dies down, AV1 will get back on making constructive posts. But i have a feeling even when it does and it will, the AV2 people will come down bragging with there AV2

membership, and talk above & down to everyone down here. Well thats where I will be. Where ever an AV2 tries to talk down to an AV1er I will be there, whenever a AV1er wants to feel apart of something I will be there, ( To make an really weird comment)

cause guess what you are apart of something my AV1ers you didnt get invited. Seriously take pride in that! Everyone here, almost everyone here, wants to be apart of a movement that is contrubiting to something bigger than themselves, even if they dont post the best whistle blowing material or there not friends with the right people or

there language isnt up to par. There here to just be in involved in the dialouge. And there not good enough for your invite Scr@@w your invite. This goes out to all my people who have alot of posts and are confused on why they didnt get invited or sad. Man if there is anyone on here seriously sad. I am here for you. You are one of us your an AV1er, thats from the heart.

Now on a side note to all of the little annoying people just coming here to destroy it and post your destructive weak useless posts, @@@@ you too! lol I know who you are , but again to my people who are seriously sad or hurt they didnt get an invite I am here for you. Remember you didnt get the invite, your not one of THEM.
Peace and Love and Light

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