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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

Originally Posted by morguana View Post

also if folks are intereseted in joining av2, please email admin and let them know that you wish to join. although its invite only,
lol, that just sounds funny. No , whats funny is that , me personally I would never want to get invited to AV2 and I kind of made sure that wouldnt happen when i directed some posts to certain people. But some people are really into this forum like its there whole thing, and they didnt get invited. And even know you ask them to send an email. They dont want to be put on trial to see if they can hang out with the "cool" kids. So come on seriously. Thats kind of messed up , what if you deny them after they email you. Sorry but you suck no AV2 for you , lol. Im sorry but that aint a good look. Anyway for me honestly I like that there is an AV2 and an AV1, I like not being part of an elite group, thats how I will always roll. And I respect anyone on here who got an invite and said naw, but I know alot of people here really want to be apart of AV2 , so hopefully they made it. But for the people who didnt. Is there anyway we can post a list up, of all the only AV1 people so i can know who my people are?? Thanks
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