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Default Re: Who is winning here?

Originally Posted by perfectresonance View Post
Not so long ago, we had a team of dedicated yet independent whistleblowers and researchers putting some good work together to benefit mankind.

But a while ago, things started to shows strains and cracks have become fissures, finally resulting in total breakages.

At Eagles Disobey, the insane are running the asylum

At the Divine Cosmos David has stopped communicating with his supporters on a regular basis. He has become side tracked by the ego's needs.

And then here - it's a divorce, and Camelot are the kids. But let's be plain - their unease with each other has been clearly spilling over into the public forum.

So a year ago we were all getting the benefit from a coherent group of people working to the same end, and now...

infighting, egos and the most peculiar behaviour from supposed enlightened mature adults.

So who is winning here?

Who Benefits?
Stop looking for leaders you don't need them.
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