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Default Re: City Considers Implementing Martial Law To Clean Up Policing

Originally Posted by alyscat View Post
Heck, with the new budget here in Thurston County, they're letting go of 25 sheriff's deputies. I saw that news article in our local rag and thought of the halfpasthuman projections for the bad summer (trying here not to use their words because it might affect the data collection, and the bots use forums such as this to collect their data) - with discontent and unrest and in some places even riots - not to mention people just hungry, trying to get food to feed their family.

If budgets get so bad that police officers are reduced in great numbers, there's not going to be much help if a crime wave starts. A call to 911 might not bring much more than a verbal pat on the head.
It's not going to be a bad summer if people stop thinking it will be.

Again, another case of giving into the TPTB's attempt to control your mind.
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