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Default Re: Poor Gary Mckinnon

Originally Posted by TheGhost View Post
Why don't you just watch them all? I'm not really interested in a review from you; I've seen them and I have my own opinion about them.

This is for your education and enlightenment, murnut. What are you afraid of, your current world view collapsing (where everything legal is moral and good and everything illegal is immoral and bad, lol, and the govenment is good and just wants what's best for you)?
Current world view collapsing?

That happened long ago.

I will watch all the video's..(already seen the masked guy) just as soon as you read all of my 5800 posts at OMF...fair enough?

You don't know me or what my world view is, until you do.

To make it easier on you, just read this thread

I started it a year ago.

But this discussion is off topic here.

If you want to start a thread about what kind of legal system you want, be my guest.

Better hurry though, time is short here
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