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Question 'UNDER THE VEIL OF SECRECY' ~ Fate Magazine

'Under the Veil of Secrecy' by Anonymous ~ Fate Magazine ~ September 2006

Details events leading up to our current administration and beyond as revealed to this man in 1975.

This photocopy was sent to me over a year ago from a friend, I scanned it and turned it into a URL at When the link opens click on the image to enlarge it. When that window, with enlargement, opens look to the bottom left and you will see 'view raw image' click on it and the image will enlarge again. (Thanks Sol Invictus). Your local library may have a copy of the Fate Magazine. It is not available as archived material at the Fate Magazine website.

Page 1:

This page didn't scan large so you can click on the link above and then click on the image and it will increase in size.

Page 2:

Page 3:

You can also increase the size of the print by enlarging your window using the Control and Scroll Up option simultaneously on your computer.

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