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Default Re: Mt. Rainier puts on a show! KOMO News/ Seattle, Washington

Mt rainier is literally in my backyard. If it ever went off, the lahar would make an island out of my town. EEK!

I hope they arent messing with it. If Rainer were to blow, it would destroy the entire city of tacoma and all the outlying smaller cities around it, im talking heavily populated areas. Seattle is about 54 miles from mt rainier and tacoma is half of that at most. It would be UTTERLY DEVASTATING for this area. We are highly earthquake prone and we have almost the biggest volcano in the US. You can see it from CANADA on a clear day!

Rainier is about 14411 feet tall, its got the biggest/most glaciers (25 glaciers total, carbon glacier being the largest) on a mountain in the lower 48 states of the US, It also has TWO volcanic craters on top and 3 peaks total. i mean, this sucker's huge, just google it and youll see.

I didnt notice any strange cloud formations and i see the mountain every single day when the clouds permit. But i think i might pay some more attention to it. They say its a "dormant volcano" but maybe theyd like to change that or something...

Here are some links to see its massive size:

Anyway, I hope they arent messing around with mother nature!!! I dont know if the clouds mean anything or not, but I will keep my eyes on it anyway...
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