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Default Re: Mt. Rainier puts on a show! KOMO News/ Seattle, Washington

Originally Posted by giovonni View Post
Greeting's Avalonian's

Mt. Rainier puts on a show!

Cosi bello & spettacolare!!
Amazing pics of a cloud formation I have never seen in decades of observing! I've read many stories about earthquakes modifying the EM fields around faults and that changing cloud formations. I've seen vids from China which look like the typical noted patterns...almost like an Aurora in the sky. Do these formations over Ranier represent a similar indication of changes in the EM field near Ranier? DOES ANYONE KNOW?

I am concerned what with the HPH text describing quaking mountains...and the conclusion the the PNW is a probably area for one of the two quakes...all those mountain peaks in the PNW are volcanic mountains and very unlike our peaks in the East or Rockies. The Cascadia Subduction Zone is a very dangerous area which can produce a very large quake...and a tidal wave...and I'll assume until corrected could also blow one or more of the many volcanic mountain peaks in the area!


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