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Default Re: It Is Now Official - The US Is a Police State

Could there be essentially the following three Americas?

1. Deep Underground Reptilian Base America (going back tens of thousands of years).

2. Infiltrated and Subverted...Red, White, and Blue...Religious Right... Constitutional Theocratic...Patriotic Fundamentalist America.

3. Minimalist Republic...Paleo Conservative...Spirit and Letter of the Founders...Strict Constitutionalist America.

Alex Collier indicated that the Reptilians came first to North America. Perhaps this is their home-base of operations...going back tens of thousands of years. Perhaps they opened branch offices around the world...including the Giza Plateau and Rome. Why was North America seemingly off limits until the Vikings showed up...or until 1492? Was North America a thriving above and below ground Reptilian civilization for tens of thousands of years? Who knows?

I've received a very chilly reception regarding my promotion of the United States of the Solar System. Could all of the above be a large part of the reason why? It's the highest principles and concepts of the founding documents which I am promoting...but that doesn't seem to matter. People have a bad taste in their mouths...and continue to ignore my almost daily posts. My conclusion is that it is much wiser to attempt to hijack the New World Order than it is to engage in trench-warfare with it. I want humans and non-humans, at the highest levels, to defect, and to do the right thing...and re-direct the New World Order in the direction of Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom. In my view...the alternative is an absolute Hell on Earth...which will most likely span hundreds or thousands of years.

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