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Default Artificial Intelligence Wave - it's no joke.

Dear Camelot/Avelon Community,

I seldom start new threads unless I feel it's important.

After eleven years of relitive spiritual calm, I had a bumpy ride through the rabbit hole, but without the healing, glorious release of Kundalini in the company of inter-dimensional extra-terrestials (and the drama of about 50 freaked-out witnesses). This time I found myself tossed to the shifting south-western desert winds of the next level. I should have stayed silent and processed through it, but no, I made the mistake of trying to expain what I was going through and I agreed to go to a county mental health hospital. In the interest of word economy, I'll paste part of a letter I sent to Kerry. I'll post again regarding how a small group of us blocked the AI wave later.

Here's a sample from the letter:

Thank you, Kerry,

One important thing: It was NOT a dream/vision.
It was a real-life experience with witnesses! I might
have been in an emergency psych 72 hour hold
(ridiculous as I was just having a "dark night of the
soul" shamanic type visionary journey and was going
through the psychic negative attack phase and was
foolish enough to mention it to my older, jerk brother.
But I was NOT crazy, dreaming, on acid or.... you
know what I mean).

I thought I could just breeze in and out of the verbal
evaluation like I did after my famous/infamous Kundalini
(slash) contact event that spawned the Ravens and Doves
group 11 years ago.

As soon as I agreed to the observation, I was essentially
under arrest for 72 hours!

When we first arrived in the lobby, of all things, KFI was
on the nurse's radio and the host was saying that the APA
was reporting that people, even those with no interest in
"2012 issues" were having apocalyptic type visions. My brother
just didn't want to listen. A few minutes later we heard this
tremendous BOOM hitting the wall near us and the fire alarm
lights started flashing. There was nothing or nobody on the other
side of the wall that could have caused the noise.

On the second day I was in lock-down hell with about 15
other people (with only five beds), the boom sound came back.
After a few minutes another boom... closer... and another boom
even closer. The nurses were saying, "Whatever that is, it's got
to stop... they're playing bowling ball in the hallway or something."

Then a patient across from me said something like, "The wave
is coming. It will pass through you and it's going to feel real
weird for a bit." He mentioned it "coming out like a silver ball
bearing [or BB]" He said we could get rid of it by "getting close

Then I felt what I can only describe as an invisible, fine strand
of a fiber optic wire going from from the top of my head and exiting
out my private area... VERY STRANGE and a overall, a COLD

A few minutes later a woman was supposed to be transferred to
another clinic and she began to panic when they rolled in a gurney
for her to be strapped down on (she said she had been raped in county
mantel health clinics while strapped down).

The ambulance driver, a sheriff and my self decided to say a quick
prayer to help calm her down. We joined hands.. my left palm up/
right palm down. I asked "Do we have trust? Do you have a higher
calling?" They nodded a "yes."

Suddenly everything went pitch black and an interdimensional rush
occurred. I saw three entities (angels? goddesses?... I don't know
for sure). surrounding a silver ball... maybe about 10 inches wide...
darted up and away.

The next thing I knew was I was at the other side of the room... found
the nearest bed and plopped down on it for hours, my mind reeling
from the experience. I've have a lot of paranormal events throughout
my life, but this one was waaaay off the radar. I swear it was the
artificial intelligence wave as mentioned by one of your witnesses,
but I had a very close encounter with it and some sort of guardian
entities stepped in to flush it out of the spiritual environment.

(end of message segment)

That was how a handful of us in the ward experienced the AI invader. I was not in an altered state when the event began. I heard the man talk about the silver ball as plain as cheese pizza. Then KA-BOOM! It happened.

Has anyone else felt or experienced the IA wave? It may very well have been different for you as it was for me. There might be more than one type of AI lose on this world (I can now fully understand why all parties, ET and otherwise would not be happy that thing was created).

I'll be posting to Light Warriors about this, too.

Love and Liberty to All,

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