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Default Re: Six Months To Live? by James Howard Kunstler

Great post Fred. Very informative.

Might I add Jim Sinclair's Mineset and George Ure's Urban Survival page as two other very good economic analysts with their fingers on the pulse of financial news.

I used to check them every day. Not so much now. George Green recommends having a little cash about the place in case of shortages.. and you can probably better store tea and coffee and alcohol and cigarettes in stead of gold if you're planning to barter come any fall in values.

That's the trouble with hoarding gold, is that for its value to go up, the world's gotta fail... then you've got to ask this the reality you are hoping for? (not you personally Fred, I mean the world in general )

I did put some cash by.. and lucky me, because I've been out of work for a couple of months and it's come in useful ! Which goes to show me that all the probabilities that it takes to make up my own personal reality are infinitely tweakable. Something could happen tomorrow and the whole crisis could go away... the money I save can equally be eaten. the reality is that I end up exactly where I need to be.

So perhaps there is no cheating your own personal fate.

Hmm... how do I like those apples? Not sure... but I'm sure it's for a greater good (including my own) .

Let's be prudent anyway.. and make sure you're filling your tank from half full to full peeps, than from empty to half full. It costs the same


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