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Default Re: Organic molecule hints at alien life

Do you think maybe, just maybe, after 8 years of the government and industry blatently swaying science (and goodness knows how many years prior), having watched the FDA approve drugs based on "science" that kill people, and various other situations like this that some people might have a distrust of "science" and might be more into conspiracies ???

Straight science isn't so straight anymore, and we've all learned that the one who has the money is the one who determines the results - frequently - and that science is sooooo very slow to change because people are so busy protecting their own paradigms (or fiefdoms). (You might find it interesting to read Candace Pert's first book "Molecules of Emotion." ) How many of us here believe in castastrophism (the fact that there can be catastrophies that literally change the face of the planet in a very short time) - how many scientists REALLY do?

The finding of a single sugar is interesting, but not so interesting to me as the person who has actually MET another being from offplanet. Can I believe the person who says they've met another being? Probably about as much as I can believe the drug companies and their scientific studies. I take it all with a grain of salt until I have enough evidence to make an informed decision, given all the variables.

It's all about taking in information from various sources and using your own discrimination to tell the difference.


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