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Default Russian president Dmitry Medvedev calls for Europe to freeze out US

Hi Everyone,

Politics is a very dirty game. Politicians will always kick a man when he's down, or kick a wounded dog, it's the nature of the thing.

So our friend Dmitry Medvedev can see (as we all can) that the US is going down the pan and the American government can do nothing to stop it. Millitary the US is already stretched, so there is no other physical front that it can attack with the equipment and manpower that it would need.

The Russian can see this and is waiting patiently in the wings to take over. That is why I think the Russians left Georgia, to keep on the good side of the Europeans.

Dmitry wouldn't suggest such a thing if he wasn't sure of what he was saying. it could well be that he even knows something that we here don't.

I'm off to the farm!!!

Best regards,

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