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Default Re: fraudulence proven at last!

Originally Posted by Avid View Post
I've been reading Christopher Story's website for a long time now, but this latest financial scam news is verifiable.
Yet noone will take these criminals down? Are they all members of the same sect - with their familiar 'handshakes' and symbology.

Why are the so-called 'authorities' so afraid to call on this? Because presumably the top-of-the-pile are also in it through bribery and corruption. If they aren't, it's a dreadful shame that the innocents fear for their lives.

We must take our freedoms back, and undermine their 'vice-like' grip, and as we all become aware - so will their vices.

At last religion, and the corruption therein, can be covered up no more, the avalanche of vile atrocities is actually now going mainstream!!!

Every day there is POSITIVITY.....
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