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Default Benjamin Fulford blog on North Korean missiles.

For whatever it's worth.

Benjamin Fulford's Blog 3/23/2009

Ignore any missile fired by the North Korean illuminati puppet state

North Korea is nothing more than an illuminati puppet state, according to both a senior Chinese government source and a veteran Japanese politician who was charged with negotiating with North Korea. The threatened missile launch by North Korea is almost certainly a Papa Bush Nazi scheme. They are merely using North Korea as a tool to manipulate public opinion in Japan and other parts of Asia.

In recent years Japan and North Korea had come to a 99% agreement to normalize relations when strong US pressure instead forced North Korea to act the role of a pariah war-mongering bogeyman.

The drug, arms and slave trading Papa Bush Skull and Bones crime gang sells North Korean amphetamines throughout Asia. They also got North Korea to fire off a missile before so they could force the Japanese to buy a useless, expensive missile defense system. This time the missile launch may be a ruse to get Japanese public opinion to support the bribed politicians associated with the military lobby in the upcoming election.

In the past they used North Korea to help set up the Aum Shinryikyo subway gassing cult as a way to get Japanese cooperation in the upcoming fake “war on terror.”

As illuminati rule of the planet comes to an end, they are using every trick in the book to keep in power. It won’t work though because they have been exposed. Their days of manipulating humanity are coming to an end.
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