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Music has always been the biggest influence in my life love all types, especially black soul, traditional irish, if that doesent get your feet moving nothing will. Anyway I have irish decendants on my mothers side and a good friend of mine has parents from county mayo, rosecommon to be precise, couple of weeks ago my friend and I decided to go to county mayo, flew from east midlands subjected to very rude and power crazed searching procedures ,welcome to the new world order took my roll on deodorant, toothpaste, liquid shoe cleaner, aftershave threw them all in the bin. Arrived at knock airport picked up a hire car very friendly people straightaway felt a connection at once,drove to a place called castlebar, knocked on the first guest house we saw and was wecomed with open arms by a truly friendly man and his wife. Got ready went hunting for irish music to no avail nothing on thursday nights, had a few drops of the old black stuff lovely irish guinness met some great characters one of these guys had the most fantastic name kept asking him to repeat it until he finally wrote it down for me, still cant read or pronounce it. Next day went to westport booked in and drove the atlantic coast road spectacular to say the least arrived at a place called the silver strand right on the coast miles of sand and dunes, walked into very strong head winds to the sea paradise,back to westport its friday night wheres that music.tried a couple of bars people coming up to us and talking dont get it as good as this back home love em.anyway where in this bar that looks like something from a time gone by great atmosphere when in walks these guys with pipes, fiddles, drums the lot.When these guys started to play and sing I thought id ascended to the next level absolutely fabulous,found it.Next day on to charlestown same again everyone spoke and made you feel welcome,met a lovely irish fella told him how proud I was that the irish people had rejected the lisbon treaty, but was concerned that they were being bullied into a second referendun he said jeez they not shift the irish people we said no and we mean no ,and I truly believe him what a spirit those people have got, 800yrs of persecution by the english establishment and still they wont give in I love that I truly feel I belong there that emerald isle, going again to be sure, anyway back to england and boy what a difference in energy everyone down in the dumps, rushing about, me me me im important, dont like it here anymore but got to stand by family and friends for what is surely to come here.OH MITAKUYE OYASIN
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