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Default Re: 9000 people have mysteriously disappeared

During the last year, there was a documentary aired in Australia regarding the millions of people who go missing each year, and are never located.
Some data that was also relevant in comparisons to official 'other' mortality figures is shown as an indication for the USA.

In January 2006, an Author and researcher in another forum (which i will not post here), published the following information...........

"In 2001, over 840,000 Americans were reported missing to the FBI. That's almost one out of every 300 people! In other nations the ratio is even higher; in Australia it is one out of every 100! Where are all these people? Why aren't we hearing more about this from the press?

These people just disappear from existence, never to be seen again. If they'd left a body behind, we'd classify all these cases as deaths, but with no body, they are just classified as "missing persons".

But if they were classified as deaths, they would be the single largest cause of death in the world, and over 25% of the total deaths per year.

Missing per year : 840,279
Official deaths per year (NOT including missing people) :2,443,387
Deaths per year INCLUDING missing people : 3,283,663
Heart disease deaths : 696,947
Cancer deaths: 557,271
Stroke deaths : 162,672
Respiratory disease deaths: 124,816
Accident deaths: 106,742
Diabetes deaths: 73,249
Influenza/Pneumonia deaths: 65,681
Alzheimer's disease deaths: 58,866
Nephritis etc deaths: 40,974
Septicemia deaths: 33,865

There are about as many people that just up and go missing each year as there are who die from heart disease and strokes combined, and yet our society acts as if it is not happening at all, and no danger exists. In fact it is the single biggest danger members of our society face during peacetime."

I hnow that here in Australia, the annual figure is around 30,000 people go missing each year, according to a recent documentary shown here, and are never located.............

I had heard also, that the figure is approximately 1 million each year in USA, and the UK has an extremely high missing persons rate as well, the figures worldwide are incredible.
The vast majority of those numbers are for juveniles.

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