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Default Re: 9000 people have mysteriously disappeared

Hi hueyii,

The right link is this:

There are also some other points that the report doesn't mention, of course it wouldn't as it is a release from an NGO.

As crime is rife, some of the 'missing' are fugitives from the law, who leave the state of Rio and lie their life anew in anoter state. I know of one who has done that and I'm a foreigner.

Also the pople who are bumped off by hit squads are done so because they owe money from drugs, or fighting for control of drug sales points in Rio de Janeiro capital.

I'm sure the same is true on the Mexico / US border.

People need to understand that the drug world may seem exciting and hip, but behind the scenes a life is not even worth a penny. If you try to become an upstart, you're taken out and only the fittest and most ruthless will survive (not always).

The police officers (who are very badly paid - I certainly wouldn't accept $800 a month to take a bullet) do extra work for some undesirables, but everybody knows what the story is, even the NGO that's complaining about the elevated number of disappearances, and so those that wish to get involved with this sort of activity are not going into it blindly.

Another question that should be asked is how many law abiding citizens disappear for no reason?

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