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Default Re: Something I don't normally talk about

Hi ori,

The dream I had was of Notre Dame or some other gothic type building being engulfed in flames. I saw some firefighters go inside and the roof caved and they lost their lives.

I remember thinking of the causes like ETA or some radical groups and I thought it was not fair that because of a belief (of the groups) hundreds of years of culture and work have been destroyed in only minutes.

It was at that point that the dream started to fade out.

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Originally Posted by ori View Post
I agree with Jenny about the fact that the dream always shows an inner energetic process.
But this dream might symbolize the exact opposit of "downfall of Freedom and the burning in flames of the Light" . It might be the downfall or end of the old world, religion, man fearing god, etc..............and the beginning of a new era without cathedrals, blind adoration.

Only you can feel what the real interpretation is, how did you feel? in your dream?

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