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Default Re: Something I don't normally talk about

Originally Posted by Steve_A View Post
Hi Everybody,

Have you ever had one of those really vivid dreams, so vivid it was almost as if you were there? So vivid that it's even more vivid than a normal vivid dream. During the following day that dream keeps niggling at you but you keep quiet about it and don't tell anybody. Then a couple of days later you see something on the news and you say to yourself, "That's what I dreamt about!"

Of course you tell nobody about it because it's after the fact and after all, you can't prove anything and who would believe you anyway?

Many people dream about airplane crashes and the like.

You could argue that airplanes crash almost every day so it could be just a coincidence, and you may be right.

The reason I say all this is because I had a dream last night that was one of those really vivid ones. It took place in Paris and it was, I think, Notre Dame, or a Gothic or traditional type building that was being engulfed in flames.

A group of Pompiers went into the building to try and put the fire out and some of the building collapsed and took them all out.

I remember really clearly in this dream thinking, "All this culture and heritage destroyed by a small faction for their cause" I thought of ETA or some radical French organization. I thought, "The time, culture and development used to create this building wiped out in just minutes - is it fair?".

That's where the dream seemed to end or tapered out.

I'm not trying to claim that I have some sort of magic power or that I'm clairvoyant or anything like that. I'm just taking the opportunity to publish what I dreamt and if anything happens, can prove that I dreamt it. If nothing happens...... well I still dreamt it!

Best regards,

I am now in Paris (MontParnasse) and it is Sunday 2nd Nov. As I looked out my window in the late morning, I am surprised to see 4 Soldiers armed with Rifles walking around the place. Anyone know if this is common practise?? I have only been to Paris a couple of times over the years but I don't remember seeing Soldiers patrolling the street.

I only see them in the Train Station (OPera station) - yesterday as I was out shopping.

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