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Default Re: Something I don't normally talk about

I have a friend that in years past had the plane crash dreams and the next morning when she put the telly on the dreams had come to pass. Recently I read somewhere on this varst and expansive net that dreams here the soul/spirit uploading the days learnt events and downloading information. The trick is getting hold of this info to see you through the day you awake in. Dreams are supposed to be acted upon - some say - in some way. I think the dreams about planes crashes are the screams of the souls when the plane crashes and so many die on mass.

I think most of us here - most of us world wide - are tapping into a wider consciousness as we are all one thing - light energy. It is possible to tap into the highself and see things in the 'future' - I highlight future because there is only the now - but I guess you get what I mean - everything that has happened and will happen is always happening in the now - now is the only reality.

We all know that something is going to happen and happen very soon - we have all tapped into that. I hope thay do not do anything to Paris - it's a lovely City with some great art. but we are on the countdown to the US election - anything could happen in the next half hour...
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