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Default A Message For All Who Desire Change

*I believe I have posted this already, so before anyone decides to remove this important message, realize that I am doing all of this in all selfless ways. If possibly removed again I will understand, and I will not attempt such things here again.

Hello all,

I am also an orb researcher (as of May 2008). Which brings me to the night of Sept 26, 2008. This night moved me so much. I stayed up all that night and the next day untill 12 midnight, in order to complete this special 3-4 minute video. I had so much energy to do all of this, I now wonder where it all came from. It is a message from those who are higehr frequency. Call them aliens or beings, but they are as real as you and everyone else is. And they have a message for you and everyone else living on mother earth.

Remember that Love is the key,

Kevin Doyle aka Waterhawk (Water = Pieces & hawk = Can see all)
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