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Default Re: Australia thinking of banning all firearms

Originally Posted by Kosams View Post
This morning on Adelaide's 5AA the Public Prosecutor was pushing his idea that ALL guns should be banned and thus would wipe out gun killings. Maybe in a perfect world but not in Australia. The national buy-back was a complete waste of time as people handed in their old guns and promptly went out and bought newer models. The 'baddies' still kept theirs so it didn't fix anything.


yeah the buy-back was a joke. banning all guns would only hurt people who need them. farmers, roo shooters and the like. and ensure there is no chance of anyone defending themselves when they need it most.

one of the main reasons the japanese never invaded australia properly was because they knew everyone was armed. the army even handed out guns to people in some areas. my parents farm had several lee enfield .303 jungle carbines, as did many others in their area. times have changed eh?
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