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Default Re: Australia thinking of banning all firearms

Hi McMaster,

I shouldn't worry too much about this.

Australia as been talking about this for a while, as firearm offenses grew at an alarming rate a few years ago.

Brazil tried the same thing a few years ago, to buy illegal firearms from people and offering an immediate amnesty on those who took their illegal firearms into the local police station. It was a complete flop.

Normally a person who has an illegal firearm uses it to do something illegal without getting caught as it's not registered in their name. So banning this type of firearm is better for our security. Better the Devil you know (Government - oops, slightly subversive there!) than the Devil you don't.

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Originally Posted by McMaster View Post
I do not have a link to give you yet, I could not find one. But I heard from the local AM radio this morning, that Australian government have suggested that all guns should be banned from general population.

Convienient timeing I would say...
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