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Default Re: Australia thinking of banning all firearms

Originally Posted by Baggywrinkle View Post
Butter knives are next. The precedent already exists in the UK and Asia. Why do you think chopsticks came into
jajajajaja nice one!!

Here in my country the guns are banned, (hunting, sport, etc) Just the military forces are permited to carry and use firearms, but, in the other hand, almost 85% of the population own, carry and trade... There is no way to regulate this problem here because of the HUGE corruption net, besides the insecurity is ALARMING.. In my city (about 1.5M citizen) the death count by Firearms IN THIS WEEKEND WAS 59 DEADS....

You can literaly can get kill by any other person for a pair of shoes.. a watch, a cell phone.. The central goverment DO ABSOLUTLY NOTHING to stop or control this problem, obviusly CHAVEZ is worry about anything else but to be president of Venezuela.. (Just stealing our money)

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