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Default The Sanctuary

I am mudra here in Avalon.

I great all in peace.

I created a new social group "The Sanctuary" as a place to remind us that Spirit is where it all starts from .

I see it as the heart of Avalon where the Love goes out , where the Love goes in , where all barriers dissolve.The center stone in the medicine wheel.

Some place to start and some place to end, some place to meet in Spirit, some place to meditate , some place to find peace and inspiration.

Please take the time to enter " The Sancturary " and leave there some inspiring quotes, stories or images from here and beyond, that you feel , in your own way convey wisdom.

In that way we can create a high energy center from where the sky is not the limit, because from Spirit we know, that everything is possible and our dearest dreams may come through .

Here is the link to the Sanctuary:


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