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Default Re: I too will soon move on ...

dearest mudra,
Paying for a subscription is a self determined choice .Although I regretted the forum going on subscription at that time the fee was very low and a solution found for those who really could'nt make it .
Waiting for an invite is other determined.
I am sorry for your disapointment but welcome your disagreements as these are your free will too .
Blessings on your journey.
it was not my free will to disagree, it was a conclusion i was driven to by what you put at the time..i now see what you meant choice would be to have your lovely presence over at AV2 addition to where ever else you may want to be....i am not so good at sadness and saying good byes and i don't like this thread for that...please reconsider.

lots of light and love

sincerely l

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