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Default Re: Let them eat Cake !

yes, good human things continue to go on despite all -- i remember seeing a video of the booksellers street in Bagdhad right after my country started its war on the Iraqui people -- even in the midst of all the rubble & death, people were still buying & selling books

i personally do not find danger exciting -- but i can understand why so many do -- life in war-free countries can be pretty boring, w/the concomitant cut-off from the Spirit & one another -- also i've come to the conclusion that most humans have lost all survival instincts, so it will take big danger to get that enlivening adrenaline flowing --

however, you will get your wish for danger, wherever you live in the world! big big dangers coming soon to planet Earth! this is the kind of excitement i personally can do without, but to each his/her own

Peace & Freedom, wynderer
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