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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

Goddess needs to step away and breath. She will be able to post again in 7 days. at which time it is hoped she will return to her enlightened self.

Bill unfortunately has been to busy to field all the questions, suggestions and demands being made by some of the members here. I thought i would put these two significant post back in the forefront. Way too many people have jumped to ridiculous and unfounded conclusions. The new forum will be much like it was for all of us here before the doors were reopened to the public last November. That move nearly destroyed this community but it did succeed in changing us. How many of you can say you have seen members here say things and act in ways you would never of imagined possible for them? How many? a LOT.
Those of you embracing the negatives right now need to sit back and look at the big picture.

Originally Posted by Bill Ryan View Post
Quite a lot has happened in the last 6-8 months, and members can be forgiven if they feel a little bewildered or confused. Most of this information is already available for diligent researchers, but not all of it is in the same place. One has to trawl through the Camelot index page archives and also my occasional posts (and answers) on this forum. It reads a little like a movie script. But first, I need to handle a bunch of other stuff.

All best wishes, Bill

tone3jag knows exactly what's going on..

Originally Posted by tone3jaguar View Post
Some of you may not want to hear this.

The kinds of happenings that are going on in the public spotlight for many public figures are a trend caused by the evolution of consciousness. The timelines are beginning to segregate into the (fear / negative / separation consciousness) subset of timelines and the (love / positive / unity consciousness) subset of timelines.

These happenings are a result of these people who once where on similar paths now veering off into these two directions. It is happening all over the place and now it is happening to PC. The timelines have not separated yet, however we are not very far off from that happening also.

My personal vibe is that I feel comfortable and peaceful with the changes that just happened and think that Project Avalon will turn out to be a great place to participate in the awakening of the sheeple across the planet.

I knew that something was not right with Kerry when I heard her say on her Radio show that it was a real possibility that synthetic beings that had been created long ago might be on there way here to invade the earth. That is Battlestar Galactica / Star Trek, Borg fantasy stuff. Not anything that should be evangelized by anyone, anytime as the truth.

I think that the best way to move on is to begin to collectively use our imaginations to visualize what can be done to make Project Avalon even better than it already is and then message Bill with our ideas. Think about what we can do, not what we can't do.

Please consider tone3's words carefully

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