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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

Crieky, a love fest this is not.

What would happen if the top folks just took a breath and stepped back. It's only normal folks are upset with what is happening and that they are going to process how they feel betrayed.

What is happening here goes beyond the train wreck. We all know by now this forum, from a techy viewpoint, is in deep trouble. Frankly, I've been having problems loading all three forums these past few days and it's been a bloody headache.

The whole betrayal issue is how Bill wants to control who gets into AV2 but then he's not here and subsequently he is not the one making the decisions. And then there is the whole sense of members feeling rejected from the onset because there is no list. Subsequently this whole transition is troubled from the top down. The top, because once again, Bill is not there to help steer the process. The bottom because by not know if they are going to be invited to AV2 members feel excluded whether they have been or not. It's the thought of being rejected that's painful. If you guys at the top really wanted to make this work, top down... invite everyone. Clean slate and fresh start for all. Anyone messes up gets one warning. Second time, they're booted out the door and that's the end of it.

Well, that's my tip for the day.

Aloha, thank you, do jeh, toda, arigato, merci, grazie, salamat po, gracias, tack, sukria, danke schoen, kiitos, dank u, mahalo nui loa
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