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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

Originally Posted by Oliver View Post
What some people can`t understand, specially those who are making rules, is that, generally, members here are upset because they believe somebody want to control their behavior as they are infantile. It is irritating. 99% of the people here are intelligent, educated, loving people, free minded people, and when they sense there is a possibility of control over expression of their thoughts - they will rebel.
They are offended.
And they will express it different ways, often unpleasant ones, as it is happening on Avalon.
And this is the key problem here.
This must be clearly understand by the leaders of the forum.
Very simply.

Agreed Oliver
If they havent got it by now they never will.
I think they have but thats a assumption on my part.

We all love this place and its a bit of shock to have to move but at least there are places to go where we wont loose contact with our friends.

Think we need to get off it so to speak.
I dont think there is anything that can be done to change the situation eventually this Avalon forum will close. I would rather that was not the case but I dont own this place not my decision, I dont pay anything. I am not left homeless or friend less.

In acceptance of the inevitable.

Regards Chris
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