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Default Re: The ego what is it? How to transcend?

Everyone has bench marks in their life.
Some of the other threads here trigger memory of my Aha moments.

The Power of Now was massive for me as said already in earlier posts.
Eckhart Tolles's concepts of "Pain body" and "Now" really got to me.

My ego didn't like it one bit.

Next was Power vs Force, one statement that really hit me in the book is.

" Human beings are incapable of telling truth from false hood"

That is a real shocker.
Could it be true?
My ego struggled and shouted all the way through the book.
(if the ego is struggling you are getting it.)

Me so rationale etc how could I possibly be wrong in my assumptions.

Well the book goes on in great detail which I wont even attempt to go into.

However look at it this way if you will.

Every war has been fought on false premises.

The people of Germany for example were fed lie after lie.
Who could blame them, they fell for it, and for the Fatherland ordinary people went out and killed and were killed.

Gobels said "If you tell a lie often enough people will believe it."
Thats what happened. Millions died to serve the desires of a few megalomaniacs led by Hitler.

That is why transcending the ego is so important.
Keep the ego going and we will have more of the same, its inevitable.

With respect for all points of view.

With love
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