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Originally Posted by greybeard View Post
Anyone remember "THE GOONS"
"Hold hands this is an up stick" up hands this is a hold stick" hold up this is a" "this is a stick hands" (Hands up this is a hold up) The message never got out. Final words if I remember was. Oh just give me the money.
Oh "THE GOONS" - I remember them well.

When Bluebottle was asked why he was wearing a boot full of porridge on his head he replied, "I always were one on Mondays." When told that the day was Tuesday he responded, "Oh! I feel such a fool!" Or when Morriarty claimed he had the sea in his blood Neddy Seagoon replied, "Yes, you can see where it gets in." Morriarty then warned Neddy to be careful as he came from a family who had been sailors for generations and he listed the Duke of Orange as an ancestor. To which Neddy commented, "So folks, he comes from a long line of navel oranges."

Oh those were the good old days when humor was simple and there was no smut.
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