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Default Re: Gregg Braden Debunked

Nice propaganda pieces, Joseph Goebbels would hire you in an instant. I have to admit I only viewed one of your videos (The Council of Nicaea), and I was at awe with myself. I couldn’t believe I watched the whole thing! I like your use of bible quotes in this video. I wish you would leave them up longer so normal humans could read and discern. Goebbels was good at mixing Truth with his hearsay or down-right lies. Have you even read any of Gregg’s books or even contacted him with your concerns? It would have been nice for you to include references with your statement so they could be verified and discerned further. There are Humans out here that listen, and all I heard was ego and hatred. Lighten up and take time to smell the Roses. You might be glad you did.
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