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Default Re: My Fascinating Last Post

Thank you for the kind words everyone. Actually I just read that the forums are going to be open for another week or two. I was under the impression earlier that the forums were going to be closing right away. So I may as well float around now and then until d day.

@Swordsmith - Thank you I wish you well on your journey to my friend, I am glad you enjoy the ride, it's great isn't it? Much love and much respect.

@Jester - Thanks man much respect and love to you as well! I'm glad you enjoy the gazing as much as I do. Sun Grazing and Gazing ahhh paradise. I'll keep in touch for sure, Got your pm.. ill put your email on my email list, I send out some links now and then, maybe sometimes twice a day, maybe not one for a month. if anyone wants on or just exchange emails just pm your email address.

The forum may be going somewhere but we are all still here.

@Mudra - Thank you Mudra I'll look forward to reading more of that calm and loving energy that you kindly share with us all in the future on another forum like this one. Your presence meant a lot here... or as you well put it, it meant as much as everyone elses in the grand scheme of things. We will be in touch as always. Lots of love to you as well my friend.

@Steven - Cheers friend I thank you for your words. May you exist in constant peace and joy as well. I send you my gratitude, respect, and love, and am sure we shall meet again.

@Sunflower - Thank you for your comments and the well wishes for this coming harvest. I would love it if the plots of land were every bodies property, or rather no private properties at all anywhere. Another time for that! In the mean time I wish you well and send lots of good luck to you and your future manifestations. Much love!
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