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Default Re: The ego what is it? How to transcend?

Originally Posted by greybeard View Post
I let my ego out to play today on various threads, The spiritual ego naturally.
Anyway I appreciate Avalon Forum and all who make me think here.
Couldn't agree with you more Chris. That's to me what surrendering the ego is all about. Being. Meaning, giving ourselves the opportunity to come up higher.

The ego must be observed to be transmuted and surrendered. How to observe? Put ourselves in situations that are likely to trigger our ego! What is it that makes us uncomfortable, irritated, angry, self righteous, defensive?

Whatever it is, do it ! That way we will be forced to confront the illusions, the darkness, the human beliefs that are holding us back from Being Peace always and Being the divine within always.

We must become conscious of what we are currently unconscious of to move higher.

So seeing our ego pop out, or mistakes we've made (which I own up to in this very thread some of my own illusions have popped to the surface in the manner in which I've made a couple of posts), is BEAUTIFUL.

Making mistakes is BEAUTIFUL ~ When we see the mistake we've made.

That's what the entire path is all about ~ being conscious of what we are currently unconscious of.

Forums like this provide a magnificent opportunity to make mistakes! When we do, we ideally see it, and bring consciousness to unconsciousness so next time, we are more likely to grow and "Be MORE" as I like to say ~ the eternal path of transcendence and growth of our unique perspective in Oneness with All that IS.
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