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Default Re: The ego what is it? How to transcend?

Originally Posted by Shairia View Post
I do believe the ego plays an important part in our lessons in this life. In my opinion it's not a matter of transcending it as filtering it's actions and constantly working on that delicate balance needed to prevent us from interfering with the rights of other souls.

It comes down to spiritual goal.
I often (too often for some) quote Dr David Hawkins from his book "Discovery of the Presence of God/ Devotional Non-duality"

Basically he says that Enlightenment is a different goal from taming the ego.
Taming the ego will lead you to the gates of heaven through unconditional love and is therfore a very worth while goal.
Enlightenment requires complete surrender of the ego to God. The death of the ego leads to oneness with God a different goal entirely.

If you are interested in reading, and yes you dont need a spiritual teacher unless your goal is enlightenment, then have a look at his publishers web site, in particular the about section.
Dr Hawkins is very active in this world at the age of 80 helping others, in various practical ways.

Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Hawkins is an internationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher, and pioneer in the fields of consciousness research and spirituality. He writes and teaches from the unique perspective of an experienced clinician, scientist, and mystic and is devoted to the spiritual evolution of mankind.

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