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Default Re: The ego what is it? How to transcend?

Originally Posted by Myself View Post
Hello Greybeard, Hello the participants of the thread, the ones who spoke out and the ones who have just observed to become the observed ones.

As the basic question was asked, how to transcend the ego ? Maybe should we ask is it possible to transcend the ego ?

In my humble opinion we cannot and I'll try to explain it comprehensively. Firstly what or who asks the question ? Our brain does, saying I don't like this ego get rid of it, because brain wants to be free of a burden of having an 'ego' issue. But thats involuntary conditioning of the brain, we are born with it as well as with all the human conditioning and programming along with it.

Now, if our thoughts are conditioned and thereof they are limited, our sense or knowledge of transcending the ego will also be limited, that is, if one say 'I don't have an ego anymore or I've transcended an ego'.
So, what can we do about it ? Just simply observe it, realize and perceive that we indeed have an ego, my ego wants this, my ego isn't happy about it. The lack of effort and struggle will result in acceptance of ones beingness. Many of us have stated that 'presence' or 'now' is the key factor. It is, I agree of course, that attention to presence creates longer gaps between thoughts which give a way to silence and space for consciousness to make an inner-link with the brain (I imagine that as a gateway which has to be still to open it's doors).

So, the consciousness manifests when the thoughts are quiet, that is when one is lacking the desire to transcend anything, to fight anything within, to differentiate between ego and egoless actions, we may say that in that state the intelligence is really risen and the question is no longer of any value.

With love to all

What you say is so.
On the one hand there is no such thing as the ego. Its just thought based and identification with the me story in the head. On the other hand the pull of the ego seems very real.
Ramesh Balsekar said "God gave you an ego, let Him remove it" So many paradoxes in spiritual teachings but the are addressed to different levels of understanding and each level seems so real.

Yes the ego is transformed into the spiritual seeking ego, it think it is going to be enlightened, just not so, enlightenment is a non agenda, ignorance free nonduality, ego-less state.

Witnessing is very powerful, the moment the ego is found out to be not what I am, it begins to loose power.
Surrendering is also powerful.
Whatever works.
Thankfully my mind is virtually silent but that has taken some time.

Thanks again for your post.

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