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Default Re: Fixing what is broken, healing the damage, learning and moving on. Long live AVAL

Dear Anchor

Thank you for taking the trouble and effort to right such a thoughtfull post. I agree with you mostly and I would like to add:

From confidential sources and with the help of those that care for humanity there is a concerted effort in this moment to change timelines. That needs the cooperation of all of us, PC warriors (in the sence of peace keepers ) to keep our light quotient high

My personal take is that some of what happened may have been related with effort from those that do not have the best interest of humans at heart, and the efforts will continue through out this year. Those efforts are at many levels not only the physical plane

When time lines are in the process of changing there is conflict because the ones that have chosen to move forward are sheding thoughtforms that need to be released and the ones that are against change are holding on tightly. When there are changes in timelines in few years rather than many hundreds of thousands of years, the conflict is exacerbated.

We have now in our hands the possibility to make wise choices for the sake of the forum and our future in this planet. May your choices be wise and well informed

One of the things I have learned is that reality as it is manifested is "perfect" (not ideal) as a result of our collective efforts. It has manifested exactly as it was our capacity to manifest. It is easier to accept and honor what has been created, even if it is not ideal, forgive ourselves if the creation does not please and move on.

We can not change the present but we can chose to create the Ideal future that we desire, but to do that we have to let go of the conflict that is created when we feel the present is not "ideal"

Love to all avalonians, we are in this together no matter what we believe
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