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Default Re: Fixing what is broken, healing the damage, learning and moving on. Long live AVAL

Originally Posted by ellie View Post
Thank you Anchor,

I really want that beautiful avatar back posting with the lovely spiritual turtle in that beautiful water..............please futureeyes you are beautiful and I really would love you to be here, cuddles for you,

And the other lady who PM biggs on the other forum please stay here and contribute please.

I dont want any wonderful beautiful spiritual loving souls who have made this forum so beautiful since the beginning to not be here, it hurts a lot.

I will just lurk instead I promise if you all come back.
Very moved by your word Anchor and elli... all things will and must change ..
always try to see what in it for you ... where can you make a difference
maby while staying with it ... and bring back the balance .. no winners no losers... its not PERSONAL love allways to all rhythmmm
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