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Originally Posted by Derek View Post
The bible was in fact written by rome though, and we both know how corrupt and power hungry the roman catholic church
No argument from me on the latter part, but to say that the bible was written by Rome is simply impossible, the catholic church didn't come in to existence until almost 400 years later, and before that time the Roman empire was enthusiastically trying to wipe Christianity and their bible off the face of the earth. They fed them to the lions for sport, lit them on fire for garden parties and such.

And the killings didn't stop after Rome became the catholic church either, they eventually killed more Christians than ever before, except their new reason was because the Christians wouldn't believe the wacky stuff that the Catholic Church was teaching, stuff that is 100% NOT in the bible (Mary worship, priests, saints, popes, pagan rituals and holidays.... I could go on and on)

They called people that wouldn't go along with the new version "heretics", and the rest is history.
They scared people for centuries into going along with a system that was 180 degrees opposite to what was in the bible.

The thing that will really make you do a double take is when you realize that what the Illuminati (or whatever you want to call them) was really doing with the Catholic Church is actually taking away the bible from the common man, (they said the masses in Latin, a language that almost no one understood, they told people to only let the priests tell them what it said, they actually put it on the banned books list in the 1200's! .....many many people were burned alive during the inquisitions because they chose to believe these fragments of the bible that were still circulating and not the catholic church.
Almost without exception these people were given a chance to recant and avoid any number of excruciating deaths, if they would only renounce what they read in the bible..

THAT is the mindset of the real Illuminati, they have just got better at selling their own viewpoint to people, in subtle ways that make the people think they were the ones who came up with the idea to hate Christians, never stopping to consider it was sold to them from cradle to grave, from the schools to the tv.
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