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Lightbulb Re: Gregg Braden Debunked

You think, I do not know that. Of course I'm already aware of that, there still rewritting the bible today.

You need to find out what is truth and which is a lie, the main problem is with people when the have read something they read it like if it is a scribt and not trying to understand what is writen in any forms of media.

There are thing in the bible that speaks of truth for example I found this video of this person that is reading a line out of a bible about Sumeria and I knew that was true. Because where repeating history again and he gets his information from spirit with out this your lost.

He my sound crazy, but it is created to make people ignore them

I know this guy is in contact with spirit and he is getting prophetic Dream of things to come

It those not matter if you follow/listen the/to Bible or Newage when you do not do you research then you do not become aware of it.
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