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Originally Posted by Derek View Post
The basic premise of his real research has been supported by native societies all over the planet for thousands of years.
I think that I know the basic things that you are referring to here (Mind changing matter, and thoughts effecting external things) but this is one of the things that I was refuting in the video. You seem to agree that Braden is untruthful selectively, but I would encourage you to see the sections of my video called Fraudulent Footnotes (about this subject), also The Maharishi Effect, The Global Consciousness Project and the section called Messages from Water You will find that all four of those sections are dealing with the one aspect of Braden's teaching that you seem to want to keep.

Originally Posted by Derek View Post
We both know the bible was rewritten and manipulated.
The interesting thing about this claim is that as often as its claimed, I have never seen anyone attempt to prove it, Which if you think about it, would be the easiest thing in the history of ancient textual criticism to do. Especially considering that there are more fragments (26,000) for the New Testament from the 1st century on up, so all that would need to be done is to show a point in history where the texts were altered, but even the skeptic scholars don't argue this other than minor spelling errors or similar things. The fact is that all of the texts agree, and considering that they are by far, the most scrutinized texts (by both sides) in the history of the world, you would expect at least someone to simply point to the place where it was changed and say "Ah ha!, before this time it said this, and now it says thus".

I think people tend to confuse this idea with the various modern English translations, but this is the same thing you deal with in french or Chinese or any other language that the bible is translated in, there are challenges and some things get lost in translation when going from the original to the modern but they ALL have recourse to the same unchanging Greek and Hebrew texts, a simple concordance is all anyone from any language would need, We can in fact be sure, (despite the earnest attempts of its critics for thousands of years) that the bible is the exact same thing that was written originally. see my video Council of Nicaea myth debunked

Originally Posted by Derek View Post
There is a massive part of the new age movement (if you want to call it that) that respects and applies biblical teaching to their life. I keep the 23rd psalm in my pocket at all times. I even call upon Jesus for protection and guidance and feel I have a closer relationship and respect for him now then ever.
I understand why you would think that, but as I tried to show in the last section of the Braden video that the position is not something that can be held logically. It was C.S. Lewis, a professor of philosophy at Oxford and Cambridge, both when he was an atheist and afterwords, that demonstrated this so clearly C.S. Lewis - "Lord, Liar, or Lunatic"
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