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Default Re: Gregg Braden Debunked

Yes, alot of Greggs work is pseudoscience that he seems to have made up. Especially his book "the god code". On the other hand alot of his science is valid. I don't think he is an NWO agent, because some of his science has some shotty footnotes. I think he had some well researched material and wanted to continue to support himself by making up nonsense. The basic premise of his real research has been supported by native societies all over the planet for thousands of years. It can be found in Taoist, Buddhist, and Hindu philosophy as well among others. It's nothing new.

Chris, Ive seen your work. Your debunking Maxwell video was very well done. I don't agree with your views though, and frankly if you were the only one with the truth you'd be dead and/or replaced. Your not that well known.
We both know Alex Jones is a disinfo agent. Take a look at his views on Christianity and the new age movement. We both know the bible was rewritten and manipulated. Yes there is a move from a faction of the illuminati to say he didn't exist. At the same time there's a move from another faction (british royals) to say he did exist and left a bloodline, so they can come out and say there part of it and be basicly worshipped.

They want to make you feel powerless and scared. By making you become an atheist you are devoid of spirituality and feel powerless. By making you think there is a conspiracy run by one all powerful group where all of the members unanimously agree on all the same agendas and ideas which you have no way to stop except by buying guns and food (or even worse saying there is no way you can stop it because its been prophesied to happen an exact way) you also feel powerless and scared.

There is a massive part of the new age movement (if you want to call it that) that respects and applies biblical teaching to their life. I keep the 23rd psalm in my pocket at all times. I even call upon jesus for protection and guidance and feel I have a closer relationship and respect for him now then ever.

You do have a compassionate drive to help though, and you put in alot of hard work. I really respect you for that.

Thank You

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