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Default Re: Change is Inevitable; In for the Long Haul, Positive Thoughts

can't say i've gotten much out of the forum, because i haven't really had time to explore it. but i'm glad it exists and has so many fans. as to people leaving about bill and kerry dividing their focus...well that's their choice. i'm not sure i would announce i was leaving if i didn't like what i was reading, but there again...i don't know much. i think i'm still under 10 posts, so what do i understand about forums? nothing.

i must admit i'm a little sad there is a split, albeit it doesn't seem that huge since their motivations are still the same. (just a reconstruction of their vehicle to arrive in their joined mission.) some of my favorite moments on film and audio (which i've seen or heard all of them) are when they argue. i guess i'm a little weird, but i like it when people question each other. i know they respect each other above all the new directions and professional models. i just enjoy their different perspectives and talents. sometimes personal growth depends on not depending on each other so much. i have a feeling i could learn from this on a personal level. i wish all the best for all.

i will start exploring these new streets, and see where they take me. one love.
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