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Default Re: Change is Inevitable; In for the Long Haul, Positive Thoughts

I said this on another thread and I will say it here...

this forum has provided me with a quantum leap in understanding, growth, and healing (which is what it is all about)...

I consider the little squabbles to be feedback on our individual journeys to oneness- and if everyone can take a step back and see the strife in that manner (and the strife-makers can see it as such) all will be well in the end...

I am staying... and I think it is great that each of us is unfolding and becoming stronger in our SELFNESS - however that plays out. I don't look at a split as destructive... I see it as expansion... in strength, in awareness, in practicing of what we have learned, in developing compassion and patience with others who are not at the same level as we are (in both directions).

In that 1 whole unit copies itsself into 2 whole units is amazing to begin with. and then to see each new whole unit then develop further- (each in its own way and rightness and then both prepares for the next expansion-separation... and so on) is totally awesome. The only way it can be destructive is if we give up... and I don't think I know how to do that anymore... I can change directions, change my mind, re-evaluate... its all in the perspective of your purpose and desire and plan.
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