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Wink Re: Change is Inevitable; In for the Long Haul, Positive Thoughts

I believe that Avalon has much potential. The energy just needs to be more centered and focused. There is much more new higher frequency energy coming in. Some will not receive these energies well if they are structured in the old paradigm of being. But those of you that are more balanced will make a wonderful contribution.

Fear is an illusion and a tool. Once you start connecting with your heart center and your connection to the Golden Light, you will find your inner peace.

But also be aware that there will always be those that enjoy conflict, disruption, and chaos. It is in their DNA.

So find the wisdom to know the difference and remain patient, respectful, and understanding. After all, we are only Human. I always come here when I sense that I am needed. I add my energy to yours.

Lots of Love.
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